Facebook Connect + Safari + Click to Flash = No Work

March 31, 2009

If you’re developing a Facebook Connect application, using Safari, and have installed the ClickToFlash plugin to stop flash from loading automatically, none of your FBML tags will be parsed. This is a known issue with ClickToFlash and apparently fixed in HEAD. But until that’s released watch out. This post is made in hopes that Google picks it up and saves others some time tracking it down.

ClickToFlash is a nice plugin for Safari that stops Flash from autoplaying and replaces it with a button to click if you want to see it. It works great. Except for Facebook Connect applications.

The problem is that FB Connect inserts an invisible flash element into your page. It’s this flash element that lets your page communicate with Facebook—and is what allows the parsing of FBML tags to work.

ClickToFlash has an option to white list a site, but that doesn’t seem to work in this case. It also has an option to load invisible flash by default, but that too doesn’t seem to do the trick in this case.

Removing ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ClickToFlash.plugin removes it and will make things work again.

See these two bug reports for more information on the cause and solution: #70, #109

Here’s hoping this helps someone else not bang their head against the wall for as long as I did :-)