New Toy - Mini Super Cub RC Airplane

January 20, 2009


I’ve wanted an RC airplane for awhile and finally got one. This is the smaller version of the popular super cub which everyone says is a great first air plane. I would have gotten the big one, but the field behind my house is a little two small for a big plane. I gambled on this one hoping it would be small enough to safely fly and it was. My field is a little larger than a football field surrounded by huge evergreens. I’ve done about 5 flights now unless the wind picks up it flies great. Smooth, fun, easy to control. I’ve even managed a couple of landings on a little concrete strip next to the basket ball court. Otherwise it’s a belly flop into the grass.

My only gripe with the plain is that ACT (anti crash technology) is worthless—and in my opinion dangerous. You can turn it off, but sometimes I forget. Twice I went into a climb (on purpose) and before I knew it the plane had taken over and it was going up/down/up/down like a sin wave. Turned it off and got it leveled off no problem. I’ve heard other people say ACT is a missed blessings.

I’ve never flown any other plane before. I downloaded the demo to Real Flight RC Flight Simulator and used that for awhile (keyboard controls) and I can fly it’s basic plane and land no problem. So if you can do that, this is a fun little plane!