Patches to RoundCube Webmail

August 31, 2007

I had to setup a new webmail system for work and we picked RoundCube which has the best web UI for webmail I’ve ever seen.

There were some features it didn’t have however so I added those in. I think they might be useful to other folks so am helping google find them here…

The patches are documented here.

Briefly they…

  • Change from ‘sessid’ to ‘roundcube_sessid’ so it doesn’t conflict.
  • Patch to force email address of identities to belong to a certain set of domains (ie. vanity domains)
  • Patch to allow configurable ‘max_pagesize’ so users don’t enter 999999 and overwhelm the system.
  • Patch to restrict how quickly a user can send email.
  • Add optional support to restrict total number of recipients per message.
  • Config option to set the domain for cookies to something other than the host itself.