Sphinx Search Debian Packages

June 29, 2009

There’s no (to my knowledge) package of Sphinx Search for Debian. Following some instructions I went ahead and built some for Debian 5.0. Feel free to use them. Buyer beware and all that good stuff.

These were built on a system with the following uname output:

Linux sheldon 2.6.24-23-xen #1 SMP Mon Jan 26 03:09:12 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux

MySQL Only: sphinxsearch_0.9.8.1-1_amd64_mysql.deb

PostgreSQL Only: sphinxsearch_0.9.8.1-1_amd64_pgsql.deb

MySQL and PostgreSQL: sphinxsearch_0.9.8.1-1_amd64_mysql_pgsql.deb