Portfolio & Other Work

The following are samples of my work. In each case I have had a significant (if not sole) development role. The designs are the product of different firms and individuals that I have worked with. To learn more about what I've done or if you have questions about a specific project please email me at .

Supreme Golf 2013-2015

Supreme Golf makes it easy for golfers to compare prices and tee times from thousands of golf courses, online tee time retailers and deal sites all at once.
Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Sidekiq, NGINX, Passenger, Redis, Ansible

doxo Network 2012-2013

doxo is a service that allows you to organize and manage all your accounts in one place. On the doxo network, each company has a profile page with important contact information, website links, and bill payment details. The network also contains geo-centric usage information on these companies.
Ruby on Rails, MySQL, OpenLayers

Seattle Goodwill 2011-2016

Founded in 1923, Seattle Goodwill is a nonprofit organization that has been an integral part of the Seattle community for nearly 90 years. Goodwill provides quality, effective employment training and basic education to individuals experiencing significant barriers to economic opportunity.
Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL

Seattle Southside 2010-2016

Seattle Southside is the leading tourism and marketing organization in South King County. Jointly funded by the Cities of Tukwila, SeaTac, Kent, and Des Moines, the site is responsible for competitively marketing the area as an ideal travel destination for tourists who wish to explore Western Washington.
Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Thinking Sphinx

Nourish Interactive 2010-2013

Nourish Interactive is your free one stop resource for fun nutrition games for kids, interactive nutrition tools, and tips for parents and health educators to use to promote healthy living for the whole family. Created by nutrition and health care professionals, Nourish Interactive's nutrition education website gives children and families the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy choices.
Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL

Access 4H (via Milleron & Associates) 2011

The ACCESS 4-H Online Management System is a multi-functional, web-based management system that supports the day-to-day work of 4-H professionals and volunteers by simplifying processes associated with the enrollment of prospective members and current 4-H families. Developed by National 4-H Council in collaboration with 4-H field members, this feature-rich system saves state and local 4-H offices valuable staff time and budget resources.
Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL

South Carolina Office of Research & Statistics 2009-2010

ORS's responsibility was to digitize existing paper-based workflows and applications including COSIG and Falcon. COSIG implements the GAIN Screener whose purpose is to quickly and accurately identify clients having one or more behavioral health disorders which suggests the need for referral to the behavioral health treatment system. Falcon managed the review process for facilities, staff, and children of day care centers in the ABC Child Care Program.
Ruby on Rails, MySQL

Walk the Golf Course 2009-2014

A personal project, WalkTheGolfCourse.com was built out of frustration with how many quality golf courses don't have very many photos of their course. The site is dedicated to showing as many photos of as many golf courses as possible.
Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL

UnSpun 2009-2010

UnSpun was founded on two simple ideas. First, everyone has knowledge that should be shared. Second, group knowledge is more comprehensive than that of an individual. Unspun is a Seattle-area start-up focused on letting you create, share, and modify lists of content—the subject matter is 100% up to you. Unspun believes that everyone has expertise to share and UnSpun is just a tool that facilitates the creation and sharing process.
Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL

Careers.Org 2008-2009

Careers.Org is the #1 careers directory and resource for career links, education, research, career development, and management.
Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Thinking Sphinx

Traveler.com 2008-2009

Traveler.com helps to answer the question - Where to Travel? With so many travel destinations and options, we want to provide unique ways to discover travel packages that fit your lifestyle.
Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL

Metrofavorites.com 2008

Metro Favorites was created to provide our users with a comprehensive list of some the most trusted and respected names in the Metro area for anything one may be looking for.
Ruby on Rails, MySQL

StartupMap.com 2008

StartupMap.com is focused on using Web 2.0 functionality to connect Startups, Capital Sources, Entrepreneurs, and Vendors/Resources who understand and support the unique challenges of Startups.
Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Integration with MyLifeOnline